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What Is Cloud CTRM/ETRM Software, And Who Uses It?

Cloud management and control is a topic that can be intimidating when you’re trying to take on the responsibilities of a CIO or director of IT and oversee the growth of your organization’s digital resources. You may feel overwhelmed by the scope of the task. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s no need to go it alone. You can empower your team with the right tools to manage the cloud and streamline your organization’s digital operations.

What Is Cloud Management and Control?

Cloud management and control is the act of managing cloud services and their associated documentation. CIOs, SVPs, and other IT leaders can use cloud CTRM/ETRM software to manage and control their out-of-the-box cloud resources, and also to manage their in-house cloud services.

Cloud management and control software is a software solution that helps you manage cloud services. It also helps you take advantage of the benefits and opportunities of cloud, including:

  • Managing and controlling your out-of-the-box cloud resources, and also your in-house cloud resources
  • Managing and controlling your security, compliance, and disaster recovery
  • Documenting your journey from on-premises to the cloud

Cloud Management and Control Software Is for You

You might be wondering, who can take advantage of cloud CTRM/ETRM software? Cloud management and control software is ideal for cloud-based services providers, IT and data center operations, service level management (SLM) and service management organizations, corporate IT and operations, and business leaders. You will also find this software useful for the following situations.

  • You’re managing one or more enterprise cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Google Cloud Platform
  • You’re managing on-premises cloud environments, such as your on-premises datacenter, data center colocation, or managed service provider
  • You want to expand your organization’s cloud footprint by managing additional public or private cloud platforms
  • You want a mobile-friendly interface and user experience

Cloud management and control software can help you optimize your business operations and drive growth by managing and controlling your software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud services. But what’s more, it can empower you to do more with your data, your network, and your applications, including everything from building applications to automating your workflow.

In short, cloud management and control software is the backbone of an efficient business. It can free you up to focus on what really matters—how your business operates.