Support manual of the laser engraving machine

As we probably am aware, the smoke and tidy which is created by the etching and cutting will hurt the guide rail after a time of utilization, so we have to do the day by day support of the guide rail. If you do not mind kill the laser etching machine and cut the power, clean the guide rail with clean think about, at that point please drop the greasing up oil on the guide rail, attempt to move the slide pole and ensure that the oil comes into it. Influence the slide pole to proceed onward the guide rail in the wake of filling the oil, now we have to introduce the guide rail initially, kindly do not settle the guide rail right off the bat, introduce the tightens the correct position and keep the slide beam on the even level. At that point settle the belt and slide pole well, introduce the focal point and after that alter the goal of X light.

laser engraving machine

After a time of use of the laser etching and laser cutting machine, the smoke and clean will hold fast to the surface of the reflector and mirror, camfive reviews will influence the etching and cutting profundity and furthermore will influence the etching and cutting exactness. We have to clean the three reflectors and one centering mirror with unadulterated liquor week by week.

A laser etching machine is furnished with loads of heading, so as to keep the great etching and cutting outcome, some portion of direction should be refilled with oil consistently aside from the oil-holding bearing. Wipe off the surface tidy on the holding on for the spotless reflect on, take a bit of injector and suck some motor oil inside, at that point fill the holding on for pinhead and move the bearing in the meantime.

There are some synchronous belts on one laser etching machines, if the synchronous belt is too free which will bring about the twofold pictures of the engraved words, if the synchronous belt is too tight which will bring about the scraped spot of synchronous belt. After a time of utilization, please modify the rigid screws of synchronous belt, change the synchronous belt until the point when its level of snugness is appropriate, it is sufficient when there are no twofold pictures of the engraved words and the clamor of the laser etching and laser cutting machine is low, or you can counsel our specialist.

The laser container of the laser etching machine is utilizing the cycle water as cooling framework and as the time goes ahead, there will be some firings inside the laser tube. We can put a little vinegar into the cycle water; the vinegar will dissolve the furring. From that point forward, we might utilize some spotless water to clean the tube. So the laser tube will be in the best working condition and its life will turn out to be longer.